Questions about sex

729. In what level curably staminate infertility?

29 Сентябрь 2012 – 22:43

Staminate infertility can be congenital and acquired. To congenital forms attribute abnormalities of testicles – such, as a primary hypogonadism, lack of both testicles, a cryptorchism.

The acquired infertility is connected to action aftereffects on a spermatogenic epithelium of testicles of various infectious diseases, and also with the durable frigorism, delivery violation, radioactive or a X-radiation, alcoholism.

The parents of the acquired staminate infertility are covered also in a deficiency or lack of nutriment of vitamins A and E, boosting spermatogenic function of a testicle, in violation of a circulation of a testicle that can lead to evolution varikotsele – to a varicocele.

At treatment of staminate infertility apply fortifying means, lead medicinal therapy, use an operative measure. If to be converted to the doctor concerning originating of staminate infertility in its initial stage, to instal the exact parent of an event and to begin well-timed treatment the good effect is possible.

nedonosok – this the one who cannot inform to lab a semen on the assaying.

(From expressions of sexologists)

730. A leah correctly, what urologists are engaged in semen probe?

Spermatorrhea – loss of a seed fluid without an erection, an orgasm and ejakuljatsionnyh jerks. A prostatorrhea – selection in the end of an emiction or at a defecation of a secret of a prostate without an impurity of spermatozoons. The aspermatism – when misses an ejaculation at sexual intercourse. An azoospermism – lack in an ejaculate of mature spermatozoons in the presence of their immature forms.

These are urological diseases. Researching a semen, urologists draw the inference about retention of norm or about any pathology.

The gas plume has assembled three hundred wives and speaks:

– I abandon you, I have fallen in love with other harem.

(From true stories)

731. A leah can terminate a seed fluid and how it to recover?

If there sets in a climacterium, cease to work with the years or because of the tolerated diseases hormonal systems and an organism does not work out a seed fluid to recover it it is impossible. It is necessary to reconcile To it.

The husband cannot get the ticket in a puncher slot in any way. When the street car was shut down, the wife has cried: – Ivan, put more likely while costs!

(And in the street car it is possible to hear amusing)

732. What is the priapism?

The priapism is the durable painfull erection of a penis which are not tracked by a sexual passion. Sometimes the priapism sets in subitaneously during sexual connection, after the emiction or defecation act. Thus the erection is tracked by a severe pain in a penis which one is donated in kresttsovoj to field. The acute priapism is frequently prolonged some days and even weeks. Disease yields to treatment.

Emiction – unique enjoying which one does not abandon pangs of conscience.

(From favourite aphorisms of urologists)

733. I suffer affliction an uracrasia. Very much I am afraid to fall asleep after sexual intercourse and … Am I making sense?

The person who has asked a similar problem to perceive it is easily. But also to respond it is easily – treatment is necessary.

In what level there matches a mean of the man in length of 15 sm to other individuals of fauna? At a gorilla length of a member of 8 sm; at a natural wild boar – 45 sm; at a horse – 75 sm; at an elephant – 200 sm; at a white whale – 240 see (From checked data)

734. The canker of a penis – really it happens?

Among penis malignant tumours the canker is most spread. This disease rarely happens at inhabitants of Europe and the North America, but often meets in many countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. In an onset of an illness symptoms are expressed feeblly as the swelling in most cases unstrands under a prepuce and clinical signs of illness occur only after association of inflammatory appearances. The swelling originates in a coronal notch more often, then on a horsehead of a member and is more rare on an interior leaf of a prepuce. Treat a canker of a penis a combined trajectory – operatively-beam. Protective treatment of a canker of the penis, consisting in elimination of a clump of a smegma has great value. Systematic observance of regulations of hygienics since children’s age is necessary.

– At my husband heart was ill.

– It in cardiologic hospital?

– No, in urological clinic. The second heart is ill it – a prostate. But the doctor says that after process it will fight normally.

(From the heard talks)

735. A prostate adenoma – a leah it is possible to prolong sexual life after process?

Approximately at 50 percents of men after 50 years the good-quality neoplasm – an adenoma can unstrand. It occurs in the field of a prostate. In due time was considered that this swelling starts with the prostate. Now it is demonstrated that the adenoma unstrands from small bunch of rudimentary periurethral and paraprostatic glands which one are allocated in podslizistom a stratum of a pin of an urinary bladder and in original department of urethra.

I think, the judgement of a member-correspondent of Academy of hospital sciences of N.D.Dzhavazh-zade is useful for knowing to all men.

«Formation of a swelling of a prostate is conditioned by particular biological processes in a growing old organism of the man when there are changes in activity of endocrine system, including in sex glands. The non-uniform extinction of functions of sexual organs or retention of endocrine violations lead to regulation disorder between sexual and other hemadens, to violation of the hormonal balance sheet. Against this violation also there is a rapid growth of periurethral both paraprostatic glands and adenoma formation.

Originating and development of this illness are contributed also by a row of other factors. First of all a sedentary life stipulating stagnant phenomenons in organs of a small foot bath. The durable constipations and an ischuria contribute to stagnant phenomenons. Therefore an active conduct of life: daily walking, feasible manual labour, hygienic gymnastics – the relevant standards of protective treatment of an adenoma of a prostate. It is necessary to track, that the chair was daily, and whenever possible to be aimed not to delay an emiction.

Swelling development, as a rule, durable – 10–15 years and more. Attaining the significant sizes, it pinches not only a prostate, causing its atrophy, but also urethra, upsetting urine selection. Unfortunately, trouble symptoms are displayed when the adenoma was already formed.

The maiden phase of disease is defined by that the emiction becomes frequent at night, primarily in its second half. Besides it becomes impeded, and it is necessary natuzhivatsja, selecting urine by series. Its jet feeble, thin, plumb. In the afternoon these disorders usually happen less expressed. But they are boosted, if the person longly sits, kills desires to an emiction, and also often cools. The maiden phase of disease can be expanded for some years. But in many events very soon illness transfers in the second phase.

This passage is committed imperceptibly. The adenoma is gradually enlarged, attenuation of muscles of an urinary bladder because of what it is bleeded not completely rises also, does not help even natuzhivanie. At first the residual urine amount is insignificant (some milliliters), but then increases to 0,5 – 1 litre and more. At first so happens only at night or in the morning, and then and in the afternoon. The urine jet becomes even more thin, flasque, quite often escapes drips. The act of an emiction elongates, besides the patient should expect its initiation long. The heavy feeling joins these painfull implications in the field of a foot bath, a fatend.

All it is mirrored in state of health of the patient: he badly sleeps because of frequent desires to urinate, and the bad sleep leads to that responsiveness even to feeble desires increases. Digestive disturbances join also. The patient noticeably weakens.

Often there are acute ischurias. They can be after a hot trough or a wine-glass of vodka, wine, a beer mug. Alcoholic beverages, hot water cause a sharp rush of blood to organs of a small foot bath, an edema of a pin of an urinary bladder. In similar events the urgent surgical intervention is required.

Constant retention of a residual urine in a blister contributes in development of an urinary taint – the cystitis, a pyelonephritis strongly aggravating a status unstrands.

If the patient is not treated, there sets in a disease phase for which one the constant chronic ischuria is characteristic. The urinary bladder is very strongly expanded, ureters and buds are subjected to a tension. All it sharply reduces their functional capacity. Renal insufficiency progresses, the water-salt swap is upset. In a blood the content of not deduced nitric drosses that leads to organism seld-poisoning rises. At the same time prolongs to be boosted emiction disorder: it becomes very frequent, almost each 5–10 minutes, the urine incontience unstrands. And it escapes drips, despite the overfilled urinary bladder, as a result of limiting attenuation of its wall and a muscular exhausted cossettes. So awesome signs speak about neglect of illness.

The in itself adenoma of a prostate does not threaten life, hazard is concealed in complications, occasionally very heavy. It first of all a constant ischuria which one as we already spoke, contributes in development of a cystitis, a pyelonephritis, and also formation of rocks in an urinary bladder and to an inflammation of the prostate. The bleeding from a blister happens quite often maiden sign of evolution of a swelling.

Treatment suffering affliction an adenoma in some measure depends on an illness phase. At the maiden phase occasionally happens enough conservative therapy engaging medicamental means, a diet, a hygienic regimen.

The crucial role in protective treatment of disease and its peakings is played by a balanced diet. The nutriment of the person mature and advanced age should be manifold, vitamin-rich, is moderate the high-calorie. Sour-milk yields – clotted milk, kefir, curds, sour cream are useful, low-fat meat and a fish in a boiled type, vegetables, groat and fruit soups are recommended. Acrid condiments, spices and, of course, alcoholic beverages are eliminated. It is not necessary to overstrain an organism with a fluid, try to drink its major part in the maiden half of day. But it is impossible and to diminish sharply a fluid amount as with urine toxicant metabolic products are deduced from an organism.

From medicamental means apply hormonal drugs, fortifying, and also vitamins. However conservative therapy is effective only when illness is not launched. That is why was relevant as soon as possible to be converted to the doctor.

But happens, as at the maiden phase of disease medicinal therapy does not bring desirable effect. Therefore if the doctor considers process indispensable, it is not necessary to be failed or sidetrack from it on more serotinal period. In time the effected surgical intervention yields good effects, and the person finds a former vitality and serviceability.

As the act of an emiction at suffering affliction is impeded by a prostate adenoma, blister dump is tracked by cutting-down of muscles of a prelum abdominale. It leads to sharp rising of intraperitoneal pression and consequently, to orifice rise that negatively affects a standing of heart and its activity. At such patients cardiovascular disorders which one transit after an oncotomy and normalisation of the act of an emiction more often are watched that once again demonstrates necessity and performance of a surgical treatment.

It consists in enucleating of a swelling with saving of the prostate. The early operative measure helps to prevent nonreversible changes in the gland and for many long years to save its functional capacity, its activity as endocrine organ.

The well-timed surgical intervention has also other advantages to the patient. In an early continuance of illness the adenoma is deleted single-step. In a triggered event process should be partitioned on two stages. On the maiden superimpose a knot hole on an urinary bladder. And only after one-two month after improving of a status of the patient it is possible to produce the second stage of an operation – vylushchit and to delete a swelling.

When a status of the diseased heavy to delete an adenoma it is not obviously possible and in two stages. Medical service is restricted or the fractional resection of an adenoma, or knot hole superimposing. Both these interferences are routed on abduction of urine from a blister, but not on radical treatment. Therefore it is once again iterated: be not failed from the process tendered by the doctor, do not launch illness. And about that to lead or not to lead sexual life, in what pace, of course, it is necessary to be advised with the doctor ».

Cannibals of a three white have caught in Africa. Have led to the leader. And the leader also speaks:

– If to me somebody from them tells a word what I do not know, – we will abandon in the alive.

The American speaks:

– A Lincoln.

– I go three years by such machine. To gobble up this white!

The Frenchman speaks:

– Kamju.

– I only also drink two years such cognac. It too to gobble up.

Russian queue has approached.

– A high!

The leader was surprised and has asked Russian to explain meaning of this word.

– At you beer is? Trail here a barrel!

The leader has there and then commanded to bring a beer barrel. Mudstreams Russian with the leader of nation to drink beer. Have drunk on a mug, on second, on third … the Leader speaks:

– I cannot any more!


– Drink!

That drinks. At last has begged.

– I can not more, it would be desirable …

– Drink to you speak!

The leader again drinks. Has again begged.

– Drink, to you speak!

The leader again with a great effort prolongs to drink. Has again begged:

– Yes I can not already suffer!

– Well, OK, go.

The leader has escaped, in some minutes resorts, happy, happy … Russian:

– Well as, a high?

– About, a high!!!

P.S. Sick of a cystitis always test a high.

(From urological jokes)

736. What maiden signs of a cystitis?

Cystitis – is zymotic-inflammatory process in urinary bladder wall – one of the most frequent urological diseases. Cystitis drivers: the coliform bacillus, a staphylococcus, enterokokk, protej, a streptococcus and etc. the Cystitis happens more often at women, than at men. Inflammatory processes in a prostate, seed blisters, epididymes and urethra can accompany it. Sometimes the taint is brought in an urinary bladder at catheter entering on purpose to gain urine for probe or at other urological surveys.

The maiden signs of an acute cystitis – frequent, an urodynia, pains in the field of an urinary bladder. The inflammatory process in an urinary bladder, the more often desires to an emiction and fan-in harder to a pain is more strongly expressed. At heavy forms of a cystitis patients are wetted each 20–30 minutes, thus feeling of a sharp pain. Sometimes in the end of an emiction some drips of a blood are selected. Pains can exhaust the person as do not stop neither in the afternoon, nor at night. Sharp pains at urine passing through the inflamed pin of an urinary bladder cause children to abstain from urinary bladder dump, and for this parent specially at children, specially at boys, the acute time delay of an emiction is watched.

The chronic cystitis as self-supporting disease basically does not exist. In most cases is a secondary disease which one complicates available diseases of an urinary bladder, urethra, buds, sexual organs (a rock, an urinary bladder swelling, a chronic pyelonephritis).

Sick acute cystitis the bed care is indispensable, it is necessary to eliminate acute, irritant dishes from nutriment. The good effect is yielded by diuretics – the bear eyes, a common horsetail, a Java tea.

But the most important thing – all the same to clarify a cystitis origin. And the doctor can make it only.

Naturally, at a cystitis sexual life of a message it is impossible.

Daisy wheel and centaurea on a forest glade.

– A daisy wheel, you love me?

– I love.

– And you want me?

– I want.

– Echos, more soon these bees would arrive!.

(From observations botanikov)

737. At me durating enough sexual intercourse, but never is not present semen selection. To what it is connected?

Most likely, at you anorgazmija, that is lack of an orgasm at sexual connections. anorgazmii it is a lot of parents, and, to yield exact answer, paternal it happens, it is necessary to transit survey at specialists. And can be, you suffer affliction an aspermatism – lack of an ejaculate at sexual intercourse. Both maiden, and second diseases yield to treatment.

– A leah it is possible to colour eggs a brush?

– It is possible, if the husband is not afraid of a tickling.

(From jokes of log readers «the Student’s line of longitude»)

738. The author of "Sexual pathology" A.Svjadoshch states that at men the left testicle should be obligatory more largly and more low, than right. At me to the contrary. Really it is a pathology?

No, it not a pathology, but at the majority of men testicles (spermaries, tekstikuly) are allocated how are stated by A.Svjadoshch.

Struve spoke: «Longly not to finish – advantage of the husband, instead of the speaker».

(From not becoming outdated trues)

739. What means dispareunija?

Hearth dispareuniej perceive disability to attain an orgasm status at standard, from the point of view of engineering, passing of sexual connection with the constant associate. That is, if to interchange the associate, the orgasm is also an ejaculation happens, but with any specific associate the orgasm for some reason does not originate. The parent dispareunii – the irregular matching of the associate, and also a situation when the person has hammered to itself into the head that at it will not be an orgasm at contact piece to this associate.

Dispareunija at sexual contact piece to one associate can create predisposition for its implication and with other associate. At women under dispareuniej perceive the sexual violations displayed in lack of concern to sexual contact pieces, up to disgust, the feel of a pain is is interquartile during these contact pieces and as consequence – neurotic responses.

Thus, dispareunija is a lack of an orgasm with that or diverse associate, thus that the parents that the orgasm has not set in, practically is not present.

It is possible to treat the yielded concept (though treatment free enough) as lack of love, paternal and there is an inhibition: the sexual tendency is, and the love, is not present emotional fullness, sexual intercourse acquires purely physiological meaning. There is the mechanic operation which is not hauling enjoyings, pleasures.

The old man goes to an electric train, sees – the old woman, and near to it a sack sits. Other places are not present, and it sits on a sack. The old woman shouts: «it is careful eggs!»

– The silly woman who in an egg sack carries?!

– Yes is not present, in a sack tacks.

(From transport jokes)

740. Why there is an edema in testicles. How to treat it without surgery?

Correctly to term this disease gidrotsele. At third of patients the hydrocele is marked in children’s age, at adults originates at the age of 20–30 years. In the core all the same it is congenital illness. Sometimes the parent gidrotsele – inflammatory diseases or testicle injuries. Two forms of an edema of an envelope of testicles differentiate: acute and chronic. Acute happens rarely, as a rule, owing to an injury. Chronic meets more often, at the heart of inflammatory process the tuberculosis, the rheumatic disease, often iterated injuries of a scrotum can lie.

Edema treatment – operative, without the aid of the surgeon not to be bypassed.

The zootechnician has arrived to make artificial insemination to cows. After operation it sits in the car and wants to leave. But cannot, as the machine was surrounded by cows.

– And well, disperse! – he commands.

In the machine the cow nose is pushed:

– And to kiss?

(From the invented stories)

741. What maiden signs of a prostatitis?

Prostatitis – disease of a prostate, a prostate. It term as the second heart of the man. It, being an organ of interior secretion, affects all organism and takes active part in regulation of sexual function of the man. The prostate is allocated near an urinary bladder pin (as though abuting to it, envelops urethra almost from different directions, being unclosed on its rear side by several ducts).

At cutting-down of muscles of a gland the secret is thrown out in an urethra clearance. A secret, being admixed with a semen which is worked out by testicles, ministers a medium for spermatozoons, affecting on their movability and vitality.

The maiden signs of a prostatitis – feel of a pain, sometimes very strong, in a perineum and in the field of an anus. After a defecation there is no release, such sense that the person has not bleeded an intestine, there is an aching gravity. The emiction is quite often upset, in itself desires to it become frequent, and it becomes simultaneous impeded. At the maiden signs of a prostatitis it is necessary to be converted to the doctor.

The young man with the girl sit on a shop. The girl is adjusted playfully:

– Oh, the jaw is ill me!

The young man has kissed her on a jaw.

– Now is not ill?

– No. Oh, the pin is ill me!

The young man gives smacking kiss to her in a pin.

– And how now?

– Is not ill!

The pensioner sitting on a shop suddenly asks:

– The young man, and you, incidentally, do not treat a prostatitis?

(From a collection «Moscow member of the Komsomol»)

742. What to prostatitis protective treatment.

Active, mobile conduct of life.

Physical training, hydrotherapeutic procedures.

Sanation of the nucleation sites for of persistent infections, frigorism exclusion.

Balanced diet (the nutriment should be manifold and predominantly is milk-vegetative, smoked products, pickles, solenja and alcoholic beverages are eliminated). The regular sexual life.

The doctor has asked the patient:

– And how it you have managed in the summer to seize a pneumonia, to gain an ear otitis, quinsy? All it also has led to a prostatitis.

– Ha! So I at past night on a balcony till the morning almost undressed have staid.

– How almost undressed?

– In one preservative …

(From hospital baizes)

743. The chronic prostatitis how flows and than it is hazardous?

The prostatitis happens acute or chronic. The acute prostatitis unstrands stormy, with a prompt temperature rise, with exhausting cold fits. If inflammatory process in a prostate not to treat, it can lead to abscess formation in iron which one is sometimes uncovered in a fatend or in urethra. After that the status of the patient is refined, but there is a threat of formation of an intestinal knot hole.

The chronic prostatitis happens more often, if in a gland tissue pathogenic germs – a coliform bacillus were implemented, staphilococci, tuberculosis microbacteria, viruses, funguses and etc. the Driver penetrates into a gland on vascular and lymphatic trajectories as from neighbouring organs – an urinary bladder, a fatend, urethra, and from any other striked organs: we will tell, even from an ear, if at the person an otitis, from adnexal sinuses of a nose at a genyantritis, from tonsils at a tonsillitis.

However to connect a prostatitis only to infiltration into a taint gland it is incorrect. Many men suffer affliction an otitis, an urethritis, caries of cogs, but is far not at all inflammatory process in a prostate begins. This disease is quite often provoked by stagnation of a venous blood in organs of a small foot bath and in the gland, and also cracks in an anus, perineum injuries, a hemorrhoids and alcoholism. There is also the so-called stagnation prostatitis originating because of a venous haemostasia and a clump of a secret of a prostate in the gland that is watched at violation of pace of sexual life. For a chronic prostatitis characteristicly alternating of continuances – peakings and facilitations.

In a peaking at the patient the feel of pression in the field of a perineum and an anus, the dull ache donating in a sacrum, a perineum, a fatend and inguinal field is watched. Quite often urethra, seed blisters, an urinary bladder pin that complicates disease flow is involved in disease process. The durable prostatitis becomes the parent of disorder of sexual function that, naturally, is mirrored in psychics and serviceability of patients.

Look at a problem 155. There Should be a diversity not only in sex! (From authoring gadgets)

744. If at the man the chronic prostatitis, a leah means it, what from it it is impossible to become pregnant?

At a chronic prostatitis, specially in a remission status, the man is capable to lead sexual life and from it it is possible to become pregnant. At a prostatitis it is necessary soberly, without a panic to value a situation: yes, disease difficult, but yields to treatment, yes, there can be complications in sexual life, but also they yield to updating. It is impossible to lose a self-confidence, it is impossible to look at the world how it is made by the author of the letter.

«I married one and a half months ago. It is happy. And all would be just fine, but in me have discovered illness – a prostatitis. Has received medical treatment antibiotics, physiotherapy. Now assayings standard.

But fathom that at me on a shower. Despair, pavor, experience. Also know, if there was one, maybe, tolerated all it lighter. But I have wife, my darling, my friend, a companion, the adherent. It the person of great soul, kindness, mercy. That it for me means to tell difficultly.

But in connection with this illness me the thought on divorce even more often began to visit. Yes, it is terrible for me, this my slope without capability to rise. I know that it will not go on it. For it is is more relevant, that I was a row that was alive.

But, we will be frank and truthful, I perceive, what aftereffects are possible at this illness. And I cannot plot the happiness on fatality of darling. What will we make, if with me something happens in sense of a potency? Let not today, not in a year, but in 5, 10 years?

The woman is born to be mother that near to it always there was a rigorous man. To doom her to treason? It is impossible, and it is unacceptable neither for it, nor for me.

Help me to save itself as the person, instead of to become a rag from loneliness and despair! Help to save our monogynopaedium ».

Vladimir S, 23 years, the officer, Kimry.

Odessa. Two dwellings vice-versa. In the morning on balconies of the dwelling units there are two neigbours:

– Listen, the Sleepyhead, you that, was ill? From you at two o’clock in the morning the doctor has left!

– Ah, if from you the colonel so, war has begun every morning leaves?!

(From the jokes sent by reader I.Boruhovichem from Odessa)

745. How treat a prostatitis?

The treatment complex includes medicamental therapy, physiotherapeutic routines. One of the major tasks – to abandon the nucleation sites for of a taint available in an organism: in adnexal sinuses of a nose, a jaw opening, cogs and so forth In nowise in an inflammation status it is not necessary to accept self-contained antibiotics wherefore they are effective only when are assigned taking into account responsiveness of the driver of a prostatitis to those or diverse drugs. And it can be spotted, only having led a bacteriological examination of a secret of a prostate.

For circulation improving in a prostate and removals in it of stagnation of a secret lead the pencil massage contributing in rising of a tonus of muscle fibers, to reduction of stagnation of a venous blood and compartment of a secret of a prostate. To make massage the doctor as inept, rasping activities are capable to cause an atrophy of muscle fibers of a gland should only.

At an acute prostatitis, and also in a peaking of the chronic form massage do not recommend. Release of a gland from a secret and circulation improving are contributed also by the regular sexual life.

Good activity on a prostate renders also acupuncture. At a prostatitis it is not recommended to lead interrupted or artificially extended sexual intercourse, at some forms of a prostatitis sometimes is enough to regulate sexual life, and the inflammation will be abandoned without medicamental treatment.

But anyway it is necessary not to feel sorry a time on treatment. If there are no specialists in a camp it is necessary to go to the proximate city where can carry out preliminary treatment and cure.

It is my banal advice-comment to the letter:

«In an initiation of our joint life the husband had perfect staminate capabilities. Once, having hoisted something heavy, he has experienced a sharp pain in an inguen, and at once in his head the thought has flown that it will somehow be mirrored in sexual life. And it is real, the potency has dropped quickly enough. From here constant pavor, uncertainty, the bad mood, irritability, thoughts on a maintenance from life.

We live on "point", and we do not have such specialists. During holiday were at the doctor. Have spotted a prostatitis. It was treated. But neither in the afternoon, nor it can not be saved of thought that it the impotent man at night. Does not drink, has given up smoking. From time to time there are improvings, but an erection deficient. And the pain in an inguen originates periodically. I very much appeal for you, help my husband ».

Nina 3., 29 years, the wife of the officer, Ufa.

The husband rings home to the wife:

– Hallo, expensive, you will not mind, if to us for a supper will come three my friends?

– What declaimings, darling! After all you know that thy friends are my friends …

– Ah, excuse, I seem, not there have got!

(From a collection «Moscow member of the Komsomol»)

746. Why there is an urethritis?

Urethritis – inflammatory process of wall of urethra – divide on gonorrheal, mecotic, bacteriemic, virus and kandidamikotichesky. Besides, it can be primary and secondary. At a primary urethritis inflammatory process begins directly with urethra, and at secondary – the taint falls in an urethra from the inflammatory nucleation site for which is available in other organ (in an urinary bladder, a prostate, seed blisters, adjacent pelvic organs). The primary urethritis originates at obtaining of a taint during sexual connection more often. The urethra injury can sometimes be the urethritis parent.

Gonorrheal urethritis – venereal disease which one driver is gonokokk. The Most possible trajectory of infestation with a gonorrheal urethritis – at sexual connection with the sick person.

The mecotic urethritis unstrands usually in 15 days after infestation. Quite often such urethritis is complicated by a mecotic prostatitis that, naturally, aggravates flow of disease and impedes treatment.

At an urethritis usually there are purulent discharges from the urethra, tracked by a burning sensation and a pain.

Ah you Vanja, lovely Vanja!

You hear a knife it is ground?

Make, Vanja, obrezane –

I to Israel would like.

(From the heard chastooshka)

747. What for illness when the balanus is not unclosed almost?

It is a phymosis. The prepuce throat, not allowing to bare a balanus. The similar status at children of early age is physiological. If inflammatory process – a balanoposthitis which one is fraught as I already wrote, a cicatrisation of an external bore of a prepuce, of course, does not unstrand. The balanoposthitis sometimes causes pavor and trouble in children before an emiction as the act of an emiction is tracked by painful feels. The child tries to delay an emiction that it can lead to magnification of holding capacity of an urinary bladder, and, in turn, to the complicated illnesses of an urinary bladder.

The phymosis and balanoposthitis, naturally, impede sexual life.

To a synagogue there comes the validating.

– Tell, here candles burn, but after all there are calcines. What you with them make?

– We assemble. We package. We refer to in regional centre. We receive new candles.

– Tell, here sell a matza, what with chips make?

– We assemble, we package, we refer to in regional centre. There mill, then again we receive a matza.

– Well. Clearly. And here truncating … Where slices put?

– We send in regional centre, and then, here such as you, send.

(From not invented stories)

748. How process of truncating of a prepuce influences sexual life?

At some forms of a phymosis perform process. It positively influences sexual life. Process foolproof, and effect, as a rule, the good. It make to children of 4-5 years, but if there is a necessity, and the adult.

– Why you in sand bed? Was ill. And a type at you healthy. Awfully I want to eat. Lie, lie. I will prepare all. Where at us vermicelli? In a jar? In what? Them here five pieces. Do not rise, I will discover. A leah in this a flour … In this Saccharum … all equally that woke up? Well, a sleet any. What for you have come? I will assemble. Lay down and be not stirred. Where at us an opener? In desktop is not present. Has again risen? You are sick! Where has discovered? I there two times searched. Go, I will make all itself … At us there is an iodine? Redress to me, please, the pin. Carefully, very painfully! The head has begun to spin, I will go I will lay down. Bring to me analginum. Ungear the radio. Unclose an air vent. No, fried eggs it is not necessary, it is better griddle cakes. Also close down a door on galley, rest is necessary to patients.

(From the listened in monologue recorded by Margarita Kravchuk)

749. A leah it is possible to reduce the strong excitability of a balanus? Even at small hiting at it I feel the strong excitation.

At you the excitatory receptors of a balanus are too sensitive. It, more likely, advantage, than a disadvantage. It is possible to lubricate with a special flint, what hardly will reduce excitability. But the essence, probably, not that you are strongly excited, and what not in a status to retain this excitation to extend it.

Sometimes to reduce responsiveness the preservative helps. Then skill of engineering of sex which one is acquired with preservative usage, remains and at realisation of sexual intercourse without it.

– Group sex is pleasant to me!

– Than it is pleasant?

– Always sachkanut it is possible.

(From youthful jokes)

750. If hiting at to a balanus causes offensive feels, a pain, what it means?

Was possiblly, this consequence of non-observance of regulations of hygienics when the boring is caused by a smegma clump under a prepuce. Anyway it is not necessary to suffer and inure itself to a pain. It is necessary to be converted to the doctor.

Where the most polite policemen? In England. At first an electrical bludgeon on eggs, and then:

– The sir, to you it is not sick?

(From not invented stories)

727. How to mate operation, sex, a sleep and the small child?

29 Сентябрь 2012 – 22:43

To love the child, to remember regulations of sexual life, to try to be the organised person and correctly to nurture the favourite.

The answer can be and such: when there is no a sleep, and the child sleeps, have sex.

– Listen, mother, – the husband speaks to the wife, – I want to validate, whom our son will grow. Has supposed on desktop a ten-dollar denomination, the bible and the sealed up bottle of whisky.

– If it takes money becomes the banker if the bible – that the priest and if whisky – is the idler and the idler.

Parents have hidden and began to wait. The son, cheerfully whistling, has gone to a room and at once has seen everything that was on desktop. It has looked back, convinced that nobody watches of it and has approached to desktop. Has taken a denomination, has looked at light and has supposed inversely. Has looked through the bible. Then has once again looked back, has unstopped a bottle, has smelt and has plugged again. Has then put money in a bin, has taken the bible and a bottle and, whistling, has quitted a room. The father in horror:

– My God! Our son becomes the politician!

(From jokes of log readers «the Student’s line of longitude»)

728. A leah correctly, what premature children – 6 and 7-month’s will grow sexually cold people?

Certainly, premature children unstrand was more difficult, occasionally more slowly, and afterwards be sexual they children who were born after nine months of pregnancy can more easy, than. But it is absolutely optional. Much depends on legacy temperament, sense of a libido. I already wrote that matter is not in sexual organs (at premature children, specially at first, lag in evolution including sexual organs), and in ability, the technician, emotional fullness it is is possible. Therefore assertion that premature children will be sexually cold, incorrectly.

Before to transfer to bunch of the problems connected to urinology – the section of medicine learning illnesses urinary (and at men – genitourinary) systems, their treatment and protective measures, – small testas to be occupied which one it is possible together with the child. It will help to value your ability abstractly to think and spot, it is how much easily you make logical generalisation. And the capability logically is indispensable to think in any age and in all reality situations, including in sex.

Before you of 14 rows of words. Each of them engages on five words to four of which one it is possible to unite on a blanket sign for them, and to one these demands does not match. Discover it (for example, among words: «Vasily, Feodor, Simeon, Peter, Ivanov» maiden four – names, and last – a surname, therefore it is necessary to eliminate a word of "Ivans").

1. Decrepit, old, worn out, small, dilapidated.

2. Courageous, valiant, brave, malicious, resolute.

3. Milk, cream, cheese, grease ice, sour cream.

4. Soon, promptly, hasty, gradually, hasty.

5. Sheet, a bud, a bark, a tree, a twig.

6. The dwelling, a barn, a block construction, a log hut, a hut.

7. To abhor, despise, be indignant, be perturbed, to punish.

8. Dark, light, blue, clear, dull.

9. Slot, a hole, an anthill, a hen coop, a hole.

10. Defection, crash, a dip, a lesion, disturbance.

11. A hammer, a tack, ticks, an axe, a gouge.

12. Minute, sec, hour, evening, days.

13. A robbery, theft, earthquake, a setting fire, an offence.

14. Success, victory, good luck, calmness, a scoring.

The right answers: 1 – small, 2 – malicious, 3 – grease ice, 4 – gradually, 5 – a tree, 6 – a block construction, 7 – to punish, 8 – blue, 9 – a hen coop, 10 – disturbance, 11 – a tack, 12 – evening, 13 – earthquake, 14 – calmness.

If you have made an error more than once, it means that you not always arrive logically at resolution of reality situations and problems.

– The doctor, here already three years I am married, and all is not present children and is not present. Help, the doctor, we very much want the child. It, my husband, I know, will launch me if there will be no children!

– Undress, lie down in an adjacent room on a couch. I now will wash arms and to you I will approach.

– But the doctor! I would like to have the child from the husband!

(From observations of gynecologists)

726. What is the Cesarean section? In what events it make?

29 Сентябрь 2012 – 22:43

It is obstetric process on foetus extraction through an abdominal section and uteri at impossibility of stems through natural sexual trajectories.

Cesarean section is made in concerns of mother: 1) when on a level of health genera of mother are contraindicative; 2) if the anatomical constitution of a foot bath or a vagina of the woman is not adapted for stems.

Or Cesarean section is made in concerns of a foetus.

The woman is converted to the doctor:

– The doctor, tell, I am referred to what soil of beasts?

– The citizen, you the person!

– Well what I the person. I rise tousled, as a sheep in the morning; on operation to run hungry, as a jackal; I will cling on the street car, as a monkey, and meal on it as a hare, being jolted, as a bear; while I will reach before operation, I will squabble with everything, as a dog; I will get out of the street car oshchipannaja, as the chicken; I work every day as a bullock, then, as a bloodhound, I run on racks; I will be loaded, as a camel; I am trailed home, as the tired out donkey. Dwellings, making a dinner, on children I growl, as a tiger, and on neighbours I hiss, as a snake. The husband comes from operation, asks: «Kisonka, a dinner is ready?» I will feed everything, I will wash ware, I will put children to bed, itself I lay down. The husband, laying down, speaks: «Move, the cow, and that has sprawled, as a pig». What I the person, the doctor?

(From heard on the radio)

724. How to behave after the delivery?

29 Сентябрь 2012 – 22:43

In the maiden days after the delivery the woman has krovjanistye separation. It is necessary in this continuance specially carefully to observe hygienics regulations. Even the soap should be parted on two slices – one to wash arms, the person, and another to use for podmyvanija perineums. Wash mammas. At first – a papilla, then a chest and only after that an axilla.

Do not forget that after the delivery the uterus inner surface represents a vast wound, it will be coated with a new mucosa only in 7–8 weeks. Therefore are not recommended, and if is more exact, intimate relations in the maiden two months are not admitted. That the uterus contracted is better, and in its vacuity the blood which one can become a medium for germs did not collect, it is useful to lie some times in day on a belly and daily to be engaged in gymnastics. Many women do not feel desires to an emiction after the delivery because of what the urinary bladder is overfilled and hinders uterus cutting-down. Therefore try, there is a desire or not, in each 2–3 hours an urinary bladder to bleed. And necessarily make it before feeding of the child. After the delivery sometimes there are constipations. By means of a certain delivery inure itself to bleed an intestine daily that also contributes in the best cutting-down of a uterus. If to you after the delivery on a perineum have superimposed junctures, try not to sit about five days. After a while, under condition of standard healing, first sit on an end of a rigid chair, densely having squeezed legs. Such regimen observe dwellings within 7–10 days. From that as you will lead a puerperal period, your sexual life in many respects depends. At complications, gynecologic diseases, sense of a pain, a burning sensation to you, of course, will have no time for sexual ratios with the husband, paternal will suffer both, in summary your bad mood and the kid whom all already feels.

The French small town. Morning. The yard keeper sweeps a roadway – fshi-ik, fshi-ik … the Voice from a dwelling window:

– Mese, it is possible to ask to sweep you hardly more promptly or not to sweep at all, and that glorks all the planning quarter long from pace.

(From the invented stories)

725. A leah is enlarged at the woman after the delivery an amount of nerve terminations by vagina surfaces? Otherwise why the sexual passion is boosted?

At miscellaneous women sexual life after the delivery variously flows. At one the sexual passion, at others really is boosted, to the contrary, there is a slump. The parent of it in switching of attention of the woman on the child, and also in a lactemia – it feeds with milk the child.

Amount of nerve terminations always permanently. Their responsiveness is after the delivery capable to be boosted or oslabnut.

«To our monogynopaedium three years. Till a birth of a daughter and when I nursed it, all went perfectly. We were happy, passionately loved each other.

The husband easily could cause my desire (and on the contrary), I thrilled from a tangency of his lips, arms. Adored, when he kissed to me chests. It was most that on there is an erogenic band. But here year as I have launched is more narrow almost to feed a daughter. After that in my organism as though something was broke. And now I would like, that the husband kissed me, my chests. But kisses of the husband cause any not clear boring instead of excitation. We cannot perceive in any way, what has happened, why so it is difficult to cause desire now?

I am grateful to the husband for its patience, looking up of the new. We together try, very much we want, that all was, as before. But it badly helps. How to be? To be converted in consulting, to tell the truth, we hesitate ».

Lara T, 24 years, the cook, Riga

– What do you love most of all, – the wife of the husband, – my beautiful face or my magnificent skew field asks?

– Thy sense of humour, – responds the husband.

(From the listened in talks)

723. After the delivery I have absolutely cooled to the husband. It became offensive. What to make?

29 Сентябрь 2012 – 22:43

Hardly the husband, the father of your child so it was sharply modified on character, to style of behaviour, in relation to you that you have stopped loving it. Probably, it is a question that at you the libido has dropped, you simply would like sex less. If it so, it is possible to help. I hope that answers to problems which one were more narrow and more will follow, will help you to understand a problem stirring many. But if the husband became offensive as the person and its one presence causes in you negative attitude, the negative emotions, probably, costs together with it severely to consider a situation. Before to make the solution, consult at specialists: psychologists, psychiatrists, sexologists.

The woman wakes up and awakes the husband.

– Oh, Vasja, has seen such bad dream …

– Well that there, – asks somnolent Vasja.

– Yes like I would give birth …

– So it is good, you are pregnant.

– Well, yes only trojnju has given birth … And all chernenkie, with horns and trailing-edge pieces.

– Sleep yield, will dream.

And in the morning the wife have taken away in maternity home. Cause Vasju.

– Has given birth?

– Has given birth!

– Trojnju?

– Trojnju!

– Chernenkie?!

– Chernenkie …

– With horns and trailing-edge pieces?!

– No, customary …

– Well thank God.

(From true stories)

722. If at the wife after the delivery the tendency is strong oslablo (has transited two years) how to be?

29 Сентябрь 2012 – 22:43

«Spoilage my quite happy. In intimate life all too went normally. For the first time I have experienced feel of an orgasm in some weeks after wedding. Has then become pregnant.

When pregnancy was four months gone, I have ceased to feel these feels. Now to my child year is more narrow, and all remains as before. At first I all wrote off on pregnancy, then that I nurse. And now?

Ratios with the husband wonderful, we love each other. What to make?»

Alina I, 24 years, the type-setter, Vologda

First of all to analyze, because of what it has happened. Perhaps, the maiden year was too the excitatory, strained, and you simply were tired. Or there was a realignment: all your attention, all love has left on the child, and you have forgotten about yourselves, the libido has temporarily fallen asleep. It is a lot of parents of weakening of a libido. The hormonal system otherwise works, gynecologic complications as which one the woman feels infraconsciously are possible. It is necessary to transit survey at specialists. And the husband should hardly work differently in relation to the spouse, display more tendernesses, attention, tactfulness, anew to inure it to sexual life.

Temporary loss or sexual passion attenuation can originate because of avitaminoses, sharp overfatigue, a sleep debt. The parent of weakening of a sexual passion women after the delivery have often birth trauma of muscles of a pelvic bottom and a perineum, and also a vagina mucosa, travmatizatsija nerve terminations.

– What will be, if impotent man to suppose on the frigid woman?

– A revolutionary situation: tops – cannot, a lower part – does not want.

(From a cycle «the Armenian radio»)

721. After the delivery I very much am afraid of intimate connection with the husband. It seems to me that I will become pregnant, and to me it early to make, a daughter only 6 months. Therefore we are contented with arms. I am afraid, a leah will be at me a nervous breakdown for the reason, what we do not lead standard life?

29 Сентябрь 2012 – 22:43

In a similar situation really there can be a neurosis on sexual soil. It will happen because of a constant sexual dissatisfaction, as yours, and the husband. Time to you few the mutual caresses arms – are safeguarded. It can make and the husband. There is a row of contraceptives which one you can use after consulting at the doctor.

The husband to the wife:

– At you a suspicious countenance. One or the other: or you have modified to me, or prepare to modified.

– Why one or the other, can both that, and another.

(From not invented stories)

720. What is the imaginary pregnancy?

29 Сентябрь 2012 – 22:43

I will begin with the story about a historic fact. In the end of April, 1902 outstanding Russian accoucheur-gynecologist V.F.Snegirev has left to Belgrad to consult the Serbian queen, plotted to become mother. On April, 1st at the queen the strong birth pangs have begun, but genera have not set in. The status of the parturient woman suggested fear to doctors, therefore they were converted to world a luminary – to Vladimir Fedorovichu Snegirevu.

The queen has met Vladimir Fedorovicha standing, has told that it in past night again had birth pangs. The doctor, truth, has surprised that the queen from survey was failed, but nevertheless she explicitly has told to the accoucheur about how pregnancy unstranded.

Menses at it has stopped soon after wedding, then there was a food faddism, a nausea, sometimes there set in vomiting. The queen has been assured and assured of it everything that is pregnant. Its attending physician has confirmed pregnancy offensive, about it have reported to the Serbian people: «the Queen waits for the fellow-heir of a holy table!»

Judging by the story of the queen, pregnancy flowed easy. Weight promptly rose, mammas bulked up, from papillas the colostrum from time to time was selected. Five months ago the queen has explicitly experienced shevelenie a foetus.

The Snegiryov has inspected the queen and has not discovered at it any characters of pregnancy: the belly magnification spoke the simple parent – the doctor has easily palpated the powerful oil sealing gland, and here shevelenie a foetus, palpation of its heart was not discovered. The report of the Russian doctor has sounded sensation. Adherents of one of batches considered that the queen tricks, they stated that pregnancy is a myth with which one help she wants to become stronger more strongly on a holy table. Actually it ostensibly prepares to take from any court lady of the child and to declare its. The Romanian and Austrian newspapers yielded about it vast commentings with impartial enough words to the queen, terming as its adventurer, wrote about possible payoff. V.F.Snegirev already interfered with with imaginary pregnancy. When the woman has been assured that just about will give birth, and genera did not set in. At such women the belly was enlarged, but it happened not because of pregnancy, and because of prompt adiposity. The woman ate much, moved a little, long lay in sand bed, and the inactive conduct of life is always tracked by flabbiness of an intestine, the meteorism, from here – feel of abdominal pains, nausea appearance, sometimes and vomitings more often is watched.

The Snegiryov has led treatment of the queen by the purgatives, warming compresses and hot enemas. Treatment has refined a status of the patient, abdominal pains have stopped. And, having conducted ultimate gynecologic probe, the doctor was convinced that no pregnancy at the queen is present. Then have disclosed the special bulletin constituted by a consultation of doctors, the Serbian people have alerted on an involuntary error of the king, the queen and doctors watching it. From spouses, the Snegiryov in the interviews underlined, there was no deliberate fraud behaviour, they really believed that there will be a fellow-heir.

Imaginary pregnancy is watched, as a rule, at the childless women, dreaming to have children. Sometimes it originates and at those who is afraid of pregnancy offensive. Women, inclined to a nervosism, spinnable to suggestion or a self-suggestion, with ease accept minimum changes in an organism for pregnancy, and at them endocrine disorder is really watched and there is an adipose metabolism violation. Monthly stop – sometimes because of change of a climate, a physical or mental overvoltage, pavor before possible conception or, to the contrary, from huge desire to have the child. This psychologic spirit also stipulates processes, on the symptoms very resembling pregnancy: pigmentation of peripapillary circles and belly centerline is boosted, mammas can hardly bulk up, the woman feels an abdominal pain those days when, in its judgement, period of stems comes. In the past even doctors made an error: Inspecting such women, discovered at them signs of pregnancy. But the time went, genera did not set in, and it became clear: pregnancy is not present.

Specialists term a similar status as cortical pregnancy, that is originated from a self-suggestion. About it Ivan Pavlov wrote in due time: «… such event of a self-suggestion as the symptom of imaginary pregnancy, at it happens an entrance to an active status of mammas and an adiposity to an abdominal wall that simulates pregnancy is known. But it starts with a head, from your thoughts, from your words, from major hemispheres to influence such silent, truely vegetative process, as fatty tissue magnification».

Certainly, in the past imaginary pregnancy originated more often, than now. Today at any doubtful event under the urine assaying, since seven-day period, specify – there is a pregnancy or not. And by means of special hypersonic hardware it is possible to auscultate to foetus palpitation, since 7–8 weeks of pregnancy.

Yes, some women inaccurately accept a time delay of a menses for pregnancy offensive. To remove the pavors, suspicions, feels, to validate itself, it is necessary to be converted in female consulting.

One man has appeared on island of amazons. Women with pleasure used it. When its forces have run low, it have solved to destroy.

– Thy last desire, the man, speak!

– Me death the ugliest of you let will betray. And the man remained alive!

(From the invented stories)

719. There is such expression: «celebratory children». Whence it has gone?

29 Сентябрь 2012 – 22:43

So speak about children conceived in days of feasts when sexual intercourse has taken place after binge, the organism has been venenated by alcohol that has, of course, affected on health at first a foetus, and then and the child.

«I want the child only for the sake of it, and he waits the fourth year for its appearance. We are not assigned („ at first the kid, then wedding “).

I try to be safeguarded, because it happens often become slightly tight. The time goes, the age grows, and I all do not conceive. Walked in female consulting, in a private out-patient department, but all was brought together to a walk-around inspection, references to mark at itself temperature and to make spermogrammu.

Where I and it can validate without any literary trash, a leah there can be we parents? What words to convince him of this necessity? How to make, that it was pulled to me sober as strongly as well as when "will engorge"?

Also we can not tear with each other, and we feel that without the kid to all of us it becomes more difficult and more difficult. A leah ourselves can clarify, there will be at us a child or not? And can be, at us the irregular engineering of the intercourse? Something Perhaps is necessary is before the act or to make any routines, congenial for conception?

When I was in consulting, have attacked queue in a cabinet where treat infertility ».

N. B., 27 years, the employee, Kaluga.

Here such difficult reality situation. Was interquartile, the author of the letter and her husband nevertheless should be converted to specialists. Also remember, the woman in most cases can convince the man not to drink.

Solved to marry the man longly thought, what of three girls enamoured of it to take as wife. He has solved everyone to yield on 5000 bucks and to clarify, how they will dispose of them. Maiden has bought expensive clothing, the best cosmetics, descended in an elite beauty salon – in blanket, has made everything to look ideal, and has told: «I love you very much and I want, that all knew that at you the most beautiful wife in a city». Second has spent all money for the potential husband, having purchased it new costumes, jackets, instruments for the car, and has told: «You – the most important thing for me, therefore I have spent for you all money». Third has started up 5000 bucks in a turn, has earned 5000 more and all has returned to the man: «I love you very much. I have made it that you have perceived that I am clever and unwasteful». The man has thought – and married that at which one the chest was more.

(From jokes of log readers «the Student’s line of longitude»)

718. I heard that for appetite rising (and at me during pregnancy it has completely disappeared) it is useful to drink slightly beer. It is special injury will not bring?

29 Сентябрь 2012 – 22:43

I already wrote that alcohol is harmful. Perhaps, the judgement of the most experienced doctor, accoucheur-gynecologist A. M.Skosyrevoj will sound more convincingly:

«To us, accoucheurs-gynecologists, well-known, what heavy price some women pay for predilection for alcoholic beverages.

I will give some examples from clinical practice. At tridtsatipjatiletnej M was five beremennostej. Two maiden – still before she has started to drink alcohol. Children who were born from these beremennostej, grew and unstranded normally. Two subsequent pregnancies which have set in when she drank already almost daily, have concluded abortions. Doctors have advised to interrupt the fifth pregnancy, because by the time of its offensive under the influence of alcohol at M pancreas and liver functions have been severely upset, and it was clear that hardly the child will be born by the healthy. However M has solved to give birth.

The child was born sharply slackened. Now, in two years, its evolution matches to development of the seven-nine-monthly kid. It weighs eight with small kilogrammes, the skew field length constitutes 78 centimetres, and a head circumference – 45,5 centimetres. At it the plane grown bald nucha, inactive knee joints, the right eyelid it is lowered (ptosis), the palpebral fissure is narrowed. X-ray survey has demonstrated that mineralization of bones and pricked sizes of a brain (nanocephalia) is upset. It Considerably lags and in mental evolution.

History of other woman. It has conceived a liking for alcohol since 16 years, and no wonder that is more narrow in 28 looked absolutely faded. The maiden pregnancy which has set in in 18 years, has concluded an early abortion. Two subsequent – premature birth. One child was born dead, another has perished soon after a birth. During the fourth pregnancy the acute anaemia has unstranded. The woman very much wanted to give birth, and the led treatment has given the chance to save pregnancy. The child was born in time, but with plural teratisms: fission of the upper root (the wolf mouth), with six setpins on arms.

At last, the third example. Dvadtsatichetyrehletnjaja 3. For a long time almost daily drank wine and beer and besides smoked. The maiden pregnancy has concluded in time, but the child was born with very small mass of a skew field and has soon perished. Up the time of offensive of the second pregnancy the woman was failed from alcohol, but the child nevertheless was born premature, and the underdevelopment of hip joints and other flaws of osteal system have been discovered in it. When it inspected at the age of four months, already apparently expressed was the time delay of psychomotor evolution: it did not hold down a head, did not track moved subjects.

Abortions, mertvorozhdenija, premature birth, birth of nonviable and defective children – all this conclusive evidence of that the drinking woman cannot become mother of the healthy child. Abuse by alcohol causes often also other serious consequences: violation and even termination of a menses, infertility offensive.

I want to emphasise: women about whom here it is told, did not consider themselves as alcoholics, supposing that anything specially terrible is not present that they drink more often: both in feasts, and in everyday life, and at the slightest pretext. Also it is enough popular belief: many women do not donate themselves the record that explicit excesses admit.

Sometimes pregnant women even was conscientious drink «for appetite» beer, thinking that this rather weak alcoholic beverage will not bring any injury. Actually beer is prompt and is completely inhausted, and in a blood there can be not less high concentrations of alcohol, than from strong alcoholic beverages. So predilection of the pregnant woman for beer can become the parent of a birth of the defective child. There is it not only because alcohol and yields of its decay, easily penetrating through a placenta, have direct toxic action on unstranding bud. Practice demonstrates that at women, a durating time drinking alcoholic beverages before pregnancy and during it the toxicosis and other complications, as a rule, unstrand. Functions of a liver, the excitatory and hemopoietic systems are upset, the haemoglobin content in a blood drops, the oxygen starvation, an avitaminosis unstrand. As a result from an organism of mother to a foetus arrives much less, than it is required to it, oxygen and nutrient materials that as a result leads to a significant time delay of its growth and violation at it functions of various organs.

Hazard of alcohol intake is aggravated also with that it increases transmittivity of a placental barrier for other matters which one can have unfavorable an effect: a nicotine, caffeine, protectants and some drugs.

Inadmissibility of binges, even incidental, during pregnancy, and specially in its early periods, statistics affirms. The alcoholic intoxication at 30–50 pregnant women from 100 causes a prenatal death or originating in it the characteristic abnormalities of evolution. Alcohol it becomes soon frequent a cause of death of the child after its birth, specially in the maiden days of life.

Pay attention and to such fact installed by special probe: since 18th week of pregnancy alcoholic beverages cause in a foetus a so-called state of dependence from alcohol. In such events children are born with signs of an abstinent syndrome, similar to a volume what happens at crapulent adults. Against such syndrome there is a gadget of the newborn to a surrounding medium much more difficultly. Besides, it is installed that the prenatal alcoholization can serve as a premise for originating of a pathological tendency to alcohol in more serotinal age.

The growing organism is extremely responsive to alcohol action. Events when small quite healthy children perished are known, incidentally having tried even in small doses alcoholic beverages. For the newborn can introduce hazard and those doses of alcohol which one arrive to it with milk of mother if she drinks alcohol.

I perceive that is useless, and is hardly real, that the woman generally and was for ever failed from wine. But the experience accumulated by scientific and practical doctors, causes to warn: if you prepare to become mother if nurse, forget about existence of alcoholic beverages. Absolutely! Neither wine-glasses, nor drips!»

Prechristmas party at corporation office. From an angle voices of two young employees are audible:

– Ah, Vanja, Vanechka, Vanjushka, you never loved me so … mmm … aaa …, V-aaa-nnnn-jajajaja …. Ah!. Probably, so well because soon feast?

– No, – the young man confusedly responds, – Vanja is faster because I not.

(From a collection «Moscow member of the Komsomol»)

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